Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua
Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet - Luxury Aqua

Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet

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Next level Faucet Luxury - Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet:

A kitchen faucet's primary function is to provide hot and cold water for ease of use, but faucets play a large role in your kitchen design. They come in a range of styles and colors too and knowing what type of faucet to invest in is paramount.

A faucet must be robust, and its finishing superior quality should be one that doesn't flake and become unsightly over time.

Faucets should not just be functional; they need to bring aesthetics that uplift the decor of your kitchen and bathroom.

Luxury Aqua exemplifies sophistication and timeless elegance in its latest innovative faucet that melds style and practicality.

With your kitchen design in mind, the Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet is bound to bring new life to your kitchen with its impressive style and high-end quality.


Set your kitchen apart:

Your kitchen is the hub of your home and is the area that has the most traffic flowing through it. Whether your kitchen design is sleek and contemporary or has more of a farm-style feel, the Deck Mounted Three-Way Faucet will add visual appeal and aesthetic. And its high arc design with the pull-out nozzle will have you preparing food like a professional chef.


It is very hard to find the right size of Kitchen Faucet. This is why we have a unique size of this faucet which keeps it class and attraction with all aspects.



The ultra-modern design of the Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet is the ultimate space and water saver.

  • Made from solid brass
  • Polished surface treatment
  • Single installation hole
  • Ceramic valve core
  • Dual handle
  • Hot and cold water
  • Three spray modes
  • Pull out spray nozzle
  • Rotatable
  • Chrome surface finishing
  • Ceramic plate spool
  • Contemporary, modern style
  • Deck mounted installation


Does material matter?

You're investing in a faucet that should last for ages. Brass doesn't just offer durability; it is also easy to clean and easily hides fingerprints.

With the Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet, the controls and body of the faucet are made from solid brass. And you get the added benefit of fluid motion with perfect flow and precise temperature control in its dual handle design.


Your kitchen, your choice:

You need a faucet that is easy to install, simple to use and saves your time and money. And it needs to look good and perfectly match your kitchen.

The Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet is specifically designed to be both practical and eye-catching. Brass undoubtedly delivers the best and longest-lasting faucet quality.

But just because this superior quality faucet is made from brass doesn't mean that you're stuck with boring monotones that offer no aesthetics.

On the contrary, you are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of colors that can add modern, stylish elegance or the option of timeless beauty with our antique design.


Colors that will make you swoon:

It's difficult to find a faucet that ticks every box. Pull out faucet nozzles are highly desirable, and that's exactly what our Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet offers, but what about color? Are you a trendy person that likes to keep up with the times?

If so, the Deck Mounted Three-Way Faucet in matt black is the perfect solution for you. On the other hand, getting your faucet in full gold or even with just a touch of gold in it adds timeless elegance. Perhaps you enjoy the more classic feel of silver? That's an option too.

Luxury Aqua knows that your kitchen design relies on both function and style, and the Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet is designed to tick all your boxes. We have simplified this for you with a variety of colors that offer a different feel for every kitchen. From that modern feel to sophisticated ambience, there is something for everyone.

  • Black
  • Black with silver
  • Black with gold
  • Brushed nickel
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Antique brushed


Regardless of your kitchen design, the Deck Mounted Three Way Kitchen Faucet is the perfect solution to meet every taste and style. Functionality, practicality, style, and elegance don't get better than this. Its high arc design and pull-out nozzle will never lose its appeal, and all that's left for you to do is decide on that perfect color.


Here is the Installation Guide:  Installation Guide


Please Note: We do not accept returns If this faucet doesn't fit your sink or vanity. So, we recommend checking the measurements of your sink before purchasing. For more details, please read our refund policy:

    Are you worried about installation?

    Here is our Installation guide for every kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower heads, shower panels and accessories.

    Installation Guide


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